The real-time web framework Planet

Planet is a Python development platform designed with a mission to take

development productivity and ease of deployment to the next level.

Providing a number of hands on productivity enhancements, Planet lets you develop and maintain code faster.
But it doesn't stop there, Planet takes you all the way from development, through deployment to managing your application.

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Develop cross-browser real-time websites

Planet is built from the ground up with a major emphasis on the development of social real-time websites.

You build your templates once, and they work both when the page renders in the browser with plain old HTML and when the pages updates in real-time through the JavaScript interface. It's the normal web development setup you're used to, in a whole other way. No more duplication of code! It's something complex, made easy.

Save development time with the rich API

Planet ships with a rich a framework feature set including Routing, Database Version Managing, Logging, Testing, Forms, Auto-admin, Timers and Events, Caching, and Application Configuration.

Scale with horizontal and vertical partitioning

Social websites grow. And usually, they grow fast. Unlike traditional websites, social websites are more complex to handle when growing because of their dynamic user content. Planet implements cutting-edge scaling mechanisms like vertical and horizontal partitioning.

Built on the same architectural fundamentals like Facebook and LinkedIn, you can be sure that you have the best possible prerequisites to build a scalable website, from day one.

Developer friendly

Planet also comes with a cutting-edge, super developer friendly IDE, based on award winning technology. You get code analysis, unit testing, version control, refactoring, and a graphical debugger.

All your Planet code has auto-completion, inspections, and built-in documentation. Get your code right, fast!

We're always there for you

Our customers also have access to technical support, and receive online software updates, hot fixes and security patches.

All to ensure they run the most reliable, secure, and up-to-date version of Planet. We also offer expert consulting to boost your project and meet your deadlines.